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gis 2MARRS has created and managed award-winning client databases for significant data collection, inventory and project application on major civil and infrastructure projects.  MARRS knows the steps for building a functional database that assists in performing inventory, monitoring schedules and available resources, tracks budget expenditures, conducts record searches, and produces instant responses to a variety of information, personnel and project work queries. We coordinate with client, company and agency sources to obtain relevant information and records, and process that information into a selected software application. MARRS customizes the scope, design, development, and implementation of the software application for use by the client, and delivers the database on a CD. On a recent major project, MARRS developed a software application package titled “Sewer Management Automated Repair Tracking System” (SMARTS) to be used by engineer and design personnel in preparing sewer design reports and bid documents for sewer replacement/repair projects. The SMARTS application earned the City of Los Angeles Quality Productivity Award.