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crenshawMARRS has distinguished itself with its engineering design and has filled vital roles on design-build project teams. We are well known to Southern California public agencies for our design management and coordination on essential infrastructure projects. Our LEED AP professionals hold a reservoir of project information and knowledge of the regional landscape. We call upon their wealth of information and resources to create the design approach on civil projects, and to support design programs for local cities and counties throughout the region. MARRS prepares comprehensive design packages and collaborates with clients to determine the best conceptual approach for a project, drawing upon project research to propose concepts and alternatives. We specialize in utility and civil engineering infrastructure design and excel at working with municipal agencies on complex CIP projects. MARRS’ quality check procedures during design ensure that design standards achieve compatibility with design documents. Our significant construction experience helps guide our design strategies. After more than two decades of overcoming the obstacles and limitations that can arise during construction, we design with an eye toward facilitating the construction phase. In this way, we arrive at innovative concepts that prove cost-effective by streamlining the design and construction process.