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env remMARRS’ critical thinking, innovative technologies and cost-effective solutions have made us a valuable asset to Southern California environmental regulatory agencies in all phases of remediation work. We offer an advantage to our clients from having cultivated longstanding relationships with these agencies. On aviation and  transportation infrastructure projects, from water systems to facilities, and spanning city, county, regional and statewide needs, MARRS restores sites and resources to healthy conditions. As the team leader on commercial and military remediation projects, our managers and licensed technicians make informed recommendations on how best to execute the work, based upon two decades of investigating, analyzing, addressing, treating and disposal of the full range of pollutants and contaminants. MARRS’ cost-effective methods include pro-active review of client permits and plans, advanced sampling techniques and streamlined QA/QC processes. We have had significant success in reducing requirements for long-term monitoring using defensible scientific data, and have acquired No Further Action status for projects. We are strict in coordinating all elements to reduce risk, and prepare field health and safety protocols under careful supervision. We are also conscientious about quality and select team members with relevant local knowledge of site conditions. From contaminated groundwater treatment to hazardous materials disposal, to planning, monitoring, site closure, and remediation construction management, MARRS professionals offer key recommendations, cut costs, and contain client liabilities, all in a comprehensive effort to produce clean and green solutions.