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env mecMARRS offers safe, certified, cost-effective solutions in the investigation of unexploded ordnance for removal, avoidance, MEC disposal and recycling. Our specialists can help detect UXO and safely remediate contaminated construction sites, formerly used defense sites, base realignment and closure sites, and active ranges. Our team of land surveyors, EOD technicians, and geophysicists employ survey and mapping, digital geophysical mapping, data processing and interpretation combined with cutting-edge computer analysis and presentation methods. This allows us flexibility in our approach and couples geophysics with precision GPS or other positioning systems for cost-effective solutions. MARRS digital geophysical mapping services are tailored to the collection and interpretation of data for use in the investigation of unexploded ordnance sites. We also provide geophysical investigations for environmental site assessment, geologic mapping, geotechnical studies, and subsurface utility investigations.