The conveniences of everyday life depend on a number of things; a dependable electrical grid for our train systems, good roads, and the ability to travel throughout southern California safely and unencumbered. In the last three decades MARRS is proud to be part of the consultants that have facilitated management and delivery of some of the most critical and widely diversified transportation infrastructure projects. We have assisted millions of people in supporting a better quality of life by working collaboratively with the client and the communities to ensure their transportation infrastructure needs were stable, dependable, reliable and safe.
MARRS has managed projects for roadways, traffic control improvements, highways, bridges, transit and rail -connecting people to people throughout southern California from minor and major urban centers while all the time transporting food, essential commodities, and services through life-sustaining arteries of transportation.
MARRS' project managers and professionals have contributed to the planning, design, and construction of rail and mass transit systems throughout Southern California since the 1990s. We possess a wealth of know ledge on issues related to program management, design, and construction of such projects involving design-bid-build as well as design-build and general contractor/construction manager delivery model.